Fezah Artists to Get Regular Airplay on 106.1 Jazz FM

We are excited to announce that starting today, Fezah artists will get regular airplay on 106.1 Jazz Fm. This is part of a Fezah and Jazz FM partnership aimed at promoting the growing number of talented artists available on the Fezah App. Fezah is entertainment’s booking app available through Google Play, with over 150 musicians, bands, and DJs from Uganda and Kenya. 106.1 Jazz Fm is your home of Jazz, Blues, and Soul in Kampala, streaming internationally on www.jazzfm.co.ug.

As part of this partnership, every hour 106.1 Jazz FM will play at least one song by a Fezah artist on a slot called #ChezaWithFezah. Additionally, an extended 1-hour Cheza with Fezah radio show will air on 106.1 Jazz FM every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm. The radio show will exclusively feature Fezah artists, covering album reviews, artist interviews, Fezah favourites in Jazz and other genres, and much more.

106.1 Jazz FM will also directly run campaigns aimed at promoting booking of the different Fezah artists. The Jazz FM audience is one that appreciates great music performances. In just a few clicks, Fezah makes it really easy for them, and everyone else, to book great musicians, bands, DJs, or MCs for their events. Highlighting this to Jazz FM’s growing audience will be good for everyone; Jazz FM and its listeners, as well as Fezah and the artists.

We know that radio plays a big part in how people discover music and musicians. We also know that musicians struggle to get their music played on radio. This partnership will go a long way in solving this problem. Artists that are already on Fezah and would like to get their music played on 106.1 Jazz FM can upload the music to their Fezah profile through fezah.com, or drop their music off at the Fezah offices. Artists that are not on Fezah are welcome to join Fezah at no cost, at fezah.com/signup.

For more information, contact the Fezah team on +256755111222, +256790869700, or fezahrians@fezah.com.

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