Fezah Changes Subscription Terms for Musicians in Uganda

Following 3 years as a free-to-join service, musicians in Uganda will now pay an annual subscription fee of UGX 350,000 to join the Fezah App. Musicians that are already on the app will enjoy a 50% discount on their first subscription as a limited offer valid until 31st October 2018. The subscription fee, equivalent to $100 per year, is affordable for any musician that is committed to investing in their career and using timely market information to understand and grow their business.

The talent booking and market intelligence app, available for both Android and iOS, runs an airplay monitoring service that notifies musicians every time their music is played on radio. On the Fezah App, musicians also get detailed airplay reports by radio station and show, by month and time of day, and by song. This information is critical in calculation of royalties, planning of media tours, and understanding audience taste. Musicians can also compare their airplay to any other artist on the app to establish areas strength, weaknesses, and collaboration.

The app also enables musicians to apply to a growing set of established shows and festivals within the Fezah Booking Network in a single click, and continues to book for corporate, personal, and venue customers that demand such an exceptional live entertainment experience that Fezah is known for. With the optimal pricing feature, musicians are able to determine the optimal fee to charge for a given gig.

The established shows and festivals in the Fezah Booking Network currently include the Saturday Unplugged – a monthly show that features Ugandan singers in all genres, Friday Live Edition – a monthly show that features East African Jazz instrumentalists, Johnnie Walker Jazz Safari – an annual international Jazz concert that features a Fezah artist in a slot called the Fezah Hour, Johnnie Walker Soul Safari – an annual international Soul concert that features a Fezah artist in a slot called the Fezah Hour, DOADOA – an annual East African performing marketplace that attracts bookers from around the world, and Bayimba International Festival – an annual festival featuring home and international artists in all genres.

Over the next two months, Fezah will conduct open house sessions to further explain the paid-subscription benefits, demonstrate how to effectively use the Fezah App, and to answer questions from musicians already on Fezah and those considering to join. For more information email team@fezah.com or call +256.755.111.222.