Oct 2018 Radio Airplay Chart


Based on 20 Kampala radio stations monitored by Fezah App for Fezah artists, these are October’s most played artists!

If you don’t see your favorite artist on the list, they probably haven’t signed up to Fezah yet or they haven’t submitted all their music for monitoring.

The talent booking and market intelligence app, available for both Android and iOS, runs an automated airplay monitoring service that notifies musicians every time their music is played on radio. On the Fezah App, musicians also get detailed airplay reports by radio station and show, by month and time of day, and by song.

The #FezahTop10 is the first aggregated radio airplay chart in the Uganda, and will become more representative of national airplay as Fezah continues to add new radio stations to its monitoring service and as artists continue to signup to Fezah App.

Ask your favorite artist to contact the Fezah team on team@fezah.com to sign-up. 

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